We advise organizations about improving productivity and outcomes. To that end, we also configure, install and administer Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) and Evernote Software.

We are ETO Gold-Certified

  • We provide a free audit of your system,  taking stock of where you are and making suggestions for prioritization of tasks;
  •  We work out a timetable for building your system, or the particular components thereof, that aligns with your needs and funding availability;
  •  We base our flat rates on the overall complexity of your site or enterprise (e.g., how many sites, programs, participants, users) and the tasks that need doing;
  • We look at your staff resources and, if possible,  take a "train-the-trainer" approach, so that some of the work we might otherwise do is done by one of your staff members working side-by-side with us and learning valuable site administration lessons in the process.
  • We are Baltimore-based and currently work with organizations that were initial adopters of ETO software, so we have  a long track record with the product.
  • We have also worked virtually with organizations in other states.

We are Evernote Certified Consultants

  • Evernote is the modern workspace that allows you "remember everything." Evernote offers three levels of accounts for individuals, allowing you to have easy, cross-platform access to your notes:
    • Basic (Free): 60 MB of new uploads per month; syncs across 2 devices.
    • Plus ($34.99/Yr): 1 GB of new uploads/month plus; syncs across all devices; many additional features.
    • Premium ($69.99/Yr): 10 GB of new uploads/month; syncs across all devices; many additional features.
  • Evernote Business works seamlessly across devices, teams, and projects to create one workspace so every hour of the day becomes more productive.  It provides:
    • A  CENTRAL WORKSPACE:  Researching projects, creating proposals and presentations, and taking meeting notes all happen in one place for more effective collaboration.
    • CROSS DEVICE SUPPORT: Evernote supports all major operating systems, so your team has instant access to their work across  their computers, phones, and tablets.
    • MORE EFFICIENT MEETINGS: Every meeting is a working session. No need to create slides. Walk in with a clear agenda, present and develop ideas in real-time, then share action items with the team, all from Evernote.
    • SMART RECOMMENDATIONS: Intelligent search features connect the dots by suggesting relevant work from team members and by highlighting experts within the company.
    • DATA OWNERSHIP: Projects are completed and employees may move on, but the work done and the cumulative knowledge created stays with the company.
    • EASY TO DEPLOY: Straightforward on-boarding of team members means less time spent on deployment and more on meeting your organization's goals. 
    • EVERNOTE BUSINESS costs just $6/user/month for a nonprofit organization and $12/user/month for a for-profit organization.
  • Click here for our advice on choosing the plan that's right for you.



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